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A proud Wisconsin native, I grew up loving photography. Always the one with the camera, and always being scolded for using up all of the film…ah yes, old enough to remember the days of film before digital took over the scene but young enough that I don’t really miss it. Although, I certainly have considered shooting film a time or two.

I look at photography a little different than most people do. Although candid photography is a very popular style, I really try my best to capture the unique sides of a person. We’re all so very multi-faceted and I don’t believe in using props that I’ve chosen. I feel it really hinders creativity. Instead, I encourage my clients to bring their own props. Things that are uniquely them, so when someone who truly knows them looks at their resulting photographs, they can truly see how “YOU” that image is. I also try with every shoot I do, to do something a little out of the ordinary while still staying within the bounds of safety.

My number one priority is YOU,  my client. So, contact me today to see how we can create beautiful images that capture the essence of you. Capture Yourself Today.

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