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Let your love be upon us oh God, Psalms quote

When Life Gives You Lemons, Rearrange Reality | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

Taken in the Hospital during Cindy’s surgery There are people, who enter our lives and we know they are meant to be there. They teach

Street-Wear Hipster Style Photo Session, Eau Claire, WI Photographer

This session with Olivia was probably one of my hands down, all time favorite sessions. I have been chasing this session ever since I did

Mother helping bride into dress, bride getting ready on wedding day, black & white wedding photos

Lakeside Wedding in Lake Holcombe, WI | Lake Holcombe, WI Wedding Photographer

This past weekend, I made the trek up to Lake Holcombe, WI from Eau Claire to photograph Michael & Estefania’s wedding

Fourth of July 70’s Vintage Inspired Photo Session | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

I LOVE the 4th of July. I love the United States of America. I can’t control the fact that I cry every single year when I watch

What Makes Someone a Professional Photographer? | Eau Claire, WI Professional Photographer

What makes someone a professional photographer? This is a question that is not foreign to me, I get asked all the time. From fellow

Working on the Website! | Violet Photography & Design

It’s been time for a face lift for a while now. I’ve always loved my site, but really felt I needed to adjust for a cleaner

Eau Claire, WI Downtown Lifestyle Pet Photographer

I’ve always had an interest in animals, dogs very specifically. For a long time I thought about becoming a pet photographer and never

Andra Delores Design, Custom Wedding Invitations for People in Love

I first met Andra at a Chippewa Valley Wedding Professionals meeting, we meet once a month at a volunteer venue and talk all about business

His & Hers 2 Spice Cupcake Recipe | Eau Claire Photographer

It’s been a long time since I have blogged. I’ve been so busy that finding time to blog seems overwhelming, but I am

Sand Creek, WI Wedding & Bloomer, WI The Pines Ballroom Wedding Reception

Heather & Travis were married in Sand Creek, WI last October, with their wedding reception in Bloomer, WI at The Pines Ballroom. I was

Altoona, WI Model Photographer

Rustic Free People Inspired Photo Shoot | Altoona, WI Photographer

Last week, we took Olivia out to one of our favorite places to walk our dogs in Altoona. Kane & Atlas LOVE this place. It has just

The Enchanted Barn Wedding Venue, Hillsdale, WI | Hillsdale, WI Wedding Photographer

Near Chetek, WI, there is a haven of romantic beauty just ripe for the picking. It’s called the Enchanted Barn and it’s fast