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Custom Graduation Announcements & Invites for High School Seniors | Wisconsin Senior Photos

Today I designed my first Senior Rep Card of this year and it made me realize that you probably don’t know that I will design your

Budget Wedding Planning: Thrift Shopping | Eau Claire, WI Wedding Photographer

It’s been a couple weeks since my last Budget Wedding Planning post, and I figured today was as good a day as any to catch up.

Ashley, Fall Creek High School Senior, Class of 2013 | Fall Creek Senior Photos

On Sunday, I was so very blessed to spend a part of my day with Fall Creek High School Senior, Ashley Ritsch. Ashley will be graduating

Animal Cruelty & Animal Rights, Baby Chicks for Photography at Easter

Sure, he’s cute…isn’t he? I think he’s adorable, and at Pet Food Plus in Eau Claire, when they come in I

Finding INSPIRATION | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

As a photographer, you find that inspiration in this industry is a very important thing. Without it, you’re left floundering for air.

Wedding Dresses, Inexpensive

Budget Wedding Planning: Top 10 Ways to Save! | Eau Claire, WI Wedding Photographer

For this weeks BWP post, I really dug deep for a topic that hasn’t been covered yet and would really be a great source of information

What A Session Looks Like With Violet Photography & Design | Chippewa Valley Photographer

This is an unprecedented move for me, but I decided today that what better way to show you what a session looks like with me than to show

Polyvore Maternity Family Session Planning | Eau Claire, WI Maternity Photographer

What am I doing today you ask? Well, in the never ending quest to make sure that my clients’ photos turn out amazing, and exactly as

Vintage Pin-Up Stylized Session with Laura | Chippewa Falls, WI Photographer

This morning I had a fantastic session with Laura! We were planning a vintage theme, with a pin up look and we nailed it! Laura has a great

Budget Wedding Planning: The Food! | Eau Claire, WI Wedding Photographer

Food, we all need it. We all love it. And at a wedding, there is probably nothing more that your guests will be looking forward to. Some of

Stop. Look. Listen

Portraits on Railroad Tracks, Stop. Look. Listen. | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

Okay, so this has been a gripe, pet peeve, irritation, whatever you want to call it…for me for a while now. I’ve kept quiet

Using tomatoes for wedding

Budget Wedding Planning: Incorporating Fruits & Vegetables | Eau Claire, WI Wedding Photographer

As a person who enjoys trying to find ways to save, there are many different ways to be creative and save money in the process, creating