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New 2012 Business Practices & Announcements | Eau Claire & Altoona WI Photographer

With a New Year comes changes, and this year VPD will be experiencing A LOT of changes. One of the more major things that will be happening

Aspect Ratio Elaboration | Altoona, WI Photographer

While I know we covered aspect ratio the other day, I thought “Why not cover it using my photos?” Nearly every single one of my

Photographers Legal Rights | Eau Claire, WI Photographer, Bobbie Sue Baker

Photographers rights have been a source of interest for me more times than one, and to be totally honest it never ceases to surprise me how

A Dirty Little Thing Called: Aspect Ratio | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

Aspect Ratio. Nobody wants it. Not even wrapped in a pretty little red bow. No one. Definitely not me. Causes way too many headaches

Official Black Friday Deal Announcement | Violet Photography & Design

So it’s here! The official Black Friday sale announcement! Without further adieu, here are your Holiday steals! Deal #1 View full

Black Friday Deals! Bobbie Sue Baker | Photographer, Eau Claire, WI

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on us, and I have plenty to be thankful for this year. In fact, I’ve been doing my own little

Kid’s Halloween Costume Portraits | Eau Claire, WI Child Photographer

I wrote about my Halloween Costume project in the beginning of October, and gave out an AMAZING deal on them along with a couple examples

In-Home Photography Sessions! | Eau Claire, WI Family Portrait Photographer

Recently, I’ve begun to try out some In Home Family Portrait sessions and I have been loving them! Not only am I finding that my

Kids’ Halloween Costume Photos! | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

So, parents…I bet you’re busy deciding what your kids are going to be for Halloween, buying costumes, planning your

Custom Made Photo Christmas Cards | Altoona, WI Photographer

Tonight I had the big unveiling of my new Christmas Card designs for the 2011 Holiday Season. Facebook was the first to know, as always! If

Madelyn & Rauch Family Shoot | Phoenix Park Photographer, Eau Claire, WI

Tonight I had a shoot with the Rauch family, and adorable 6 month old Madelyn. I mean, A-DORABLE. I want her clothes in my size, she was so