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Framed Photo Show Honorable Mention | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

I have recently been entering a lot of my photos into Framed Photo Show, not really in the hopes of winning but more because I love

Why New Photography Businesses Hurt the Industry

Rock bottom Photography prices…I see it all the time. Hey, I even did it for a very short period of time when I started. That is,

Why You Should Choose a Local Photographer Over A Chain

This is an age old question…and sometimes a tough one to answer given the fact that each person has a general belief in what is

Violet Photography & Design 3 Year Anniversary Give-Away | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

I am so excited to announce my 3 year anniversary with a pretty nice Give-Away. I have sincerely enjoyed the last 3 years, not only have I

New Look! Altoona, WI | Portrait Photographer

Yes, you’ll notice I’ve changed if you’re a frequent visitor. While I loved my old website format, I really didn’t

The Tait Family Sneak Peek! | Altoona, WI Family Photographer

Last night was my shoot with the Tait Family, we went to Phoenix Park; a very popular photo location request. It’s always so

Why are my Facebook images over-sharpened? | Altoona, WI Portrait Photographer

Recently, after uploading photos to Facebook I have been noticing a huge difference between my Photoshop version and my uploaded version.

Violet Photography & Design | Eau Claire, WI Portrait Photographer

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Rachel | Chippewa Falls, WI Senior Portrait Photographer

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Barbie & Ken Get Hitched! Photos!

I came across this blog through another photographer whom I absolutely love and stalk on pretty much a daily basis. This French

Eau Claire, WI Altoona, WI Chippewa Valley Portrait, Family, Children Photographer

Yesterday was the much talked about and excitedly anticipated 2011 Cutest Kiddo Contest photo shoot. I had 7 kids scheduled to shoot from

What to Wear for Your Family Photo Shoot, Eau Claire Altoona Family Child Photographer

What To Wear by VioletPhotography&Design featuring a paisley dress If you ever wonder what to wear for a photo shoot, as many