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Hey guys! So, I was thinking today that I would share with you some of my favorite fonts of all time. I’ve used some of these for various reasons, and some are even currently used on my website for text & logo fonts. The majority of these are free, and if they are not it’s stated below the photo. I’ve also included links to places you can get these fonts and download for free. A quick little tutorial for downloading your very own fonts:

1. Make sure you are on the Administrator side of your computer.

2. Click the ‘Download’ button for your chosen font.

3. Once the font has completed, you can re-open it if you’re unable to find it by going to ‘Start’ —> My Documents —> Downloads and your font should be in there under it’s filed name.

4. Your file will appear as though it has a zipper on it. Click it to open.

5. On the left hand side of your window, there will be an option that says ‘Extract All Files.’ Click on this.

6. It will now open another window that will send you through some prompts. Click through those and select Finish.

7. Another window will open with your fonts, and there may be several different ones to choose from. You don’t have to use them all, you can choose to only use the main version.

8. Next, click on ‘Start’ —>Control Panel —>Appearances & Themes —> Fonts. Fonts will show in the column on the left of your window.

9. Your Start menu window will automatically turn into your Fonts folder. Re-open your minimized new font, and click and drag the new font into your Fonts folder.

That’s it! Voila, the next time you open your fonts your brand new font will be there and ready to use. Easy as pie, right? 🙂 I’m not a Mac user though, so I would imagine it’s different for them and you’ll unfortunately have to find some instructions elsewhere for that. Sorry, guys! I haven’t given into the hype, maybe someday!

1. Angel Tears: FREE

2. Birmingham: FREE

3. Broadway BT: FREE

4. Champagne & Limousines: FREE

5. Channel: FREE

6. Contribute: FREE

7. Dawning of a New Day: FREE

8. Janda Romantic: FREE

9. Jellyka Delicious Cake: FREE

10. Juice ITC: FREE

11. Mister Sirloin BTN Rare: FREE

12. Monterey BT: FREE

13. Pea Aimee: FREE

14. Pea Shally: FREE

15. Sweetly Broken: FREE

16. Trajan Pro: FREE

17. Windsong: FREE

That would be all of them! Aren’t they pretty? I have some that make me so happy just by looking at them. I will also give you another great idea freebie. This place is a huge source of a lot of cute and unique fonts. Another fantastic thing they will do, is turn your own unique handwriting into a font. It takes a little work on your end, but it is so worth it! Who hasn’t wanted a font of their own handwriting?? Or maybe I am just crazy about fonts, who knows? All I do know, is that there is a whole batch of people out there just like me and maybe you’re one of them. I hope you are, and you can get some use out of these crazy beautiful, absolutely FREE fonts. I’m planning to have my own font made soon, so when I do I will absolutely share it with you guys. I don’t have super special handwriting, I am just captivated by the fact that I can have my own font with my very own handwriting. 🙂 Have a great day everybody!