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Hello friends & fans! This blog post is a little something to update you and keep you in the loop of new happenings with VPD. As many of you have known, I’ve been making some business changes ever since January (well, I announced it to you then, a lot of this has been on the burner long before that). I’m now getting to the point, where some of the things I have been planning are coming to fruition and beginning to gel. So, I’m here to tell you all about them!

The most important thing for all of you to know, is that effective immediately, I will no longer be offering online viewing galleries for my clients. Instead, I will be offering in person ordering sessions. These in person ordering sessions will help you get all of your questions answered about the products I offer, as well as give you some visuals of these products. Meeting with you in person also allows me to get to know your needs better so that I can better address them, and you end your session experience with me, feeling like a million bucks and as though you aren’t missing out on a single thing. We can have these sessions in your home where I bring delicious snacks, in a coffee shop over your favorite drink/snack, over a bowl of soup at your favorite lunch spot, or even a dish of ice cream or an ice cream cone. Whatever you choose, this new option will ensure that I know I have taken the best possible care of you and that I have offered you a professional and finished service. I want you paying for things that have been done right and done well, things you’re proud to show and share with your friends & family!


Another coming change to VPD will be a complete website overhaul, new business branding, a revamped logo, and most importantly what will affect most of you: a new business name. Violet will remain a part of the business name as it is a part of my heart. For those of you who don’t know, the business was named for my very dear and much loved great grandmother, Cleta Violet. She was an amazing woman who impacted my life in so many ways, I truly do not feel I would be where I am today, without her. I will carry a torch for this beautiful soul for the rest of my life. I do however, get a lot of confusion with people thinking my name is Violet and I don’t want confused clients by any means, so a name change will be coming very soon. Part of the push toward this new change is because I want VPD to have very strong branding. The VPD logo was the beginning of that and the majority of that will also stay the same, particularly the flower. However, I will be working to make that flower stronger and stand for much more than what it currently does. I feel a very strong image is extremely important and in the next few months, I truly look forward to seeing that image get stronger and reflect what I envision in my mind for this business.

So, if you haven’t seen enough delicious food to leave you drooling all over your computer, cell phone, tablet, etc. I will leave you with a couple more. Book a session with me today and come see the difference. Change is in the air…

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