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2012 Cutest Kiddo Contest Winners & Semi-Finalists | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

As many of you are aware, I held my 2nd Annual Cutest Kiddo Contest in July and I surprised my Semi-Finalists with a free mini session and

Walmart, Walgreen’s, & Professional Print Lab Comparison | Violet Photography & Design Professional Photographer, Altoona, WI

So many times I have been asked to do this and I am just now finally getting to it.  I went to 2 of the most popular print labs in our

Childrens Photographer, Eau Claire, WI

Creating Memories Through Heirloom Photographs | Eau Claire, WI Family & Heirloom Photographer

My Nephew Blake   Some of the memories I hold dearest from my childhood, are looking through old photo albums of my mom’s or

I Wish I Could Give Facebook The Silent Treatment, Part II | Facebook Promote Button

If you missed yesterday’s post about Facebook’s new promote button, I will give you a little run down quickly. Slowly, and by

I Wish I Could Give Facebook the Silent Treatment | Facebook Regulations Gone TOO Far!

This afternoon, I logged onto Facebook to check business messages, return them and check on my Violet page as I do every day. Then, of

Photographer gives sessions away for Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2012 with Violet Photography & Design | Wisconsin Veteran Photographer

With Memorial Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to offer a free session to a member of our United States Armed Services. Many of you may

What To Wear for Your Family Photo Session | Shoot With Eau Claire, WI Photographer

  Hello again! I have been so busy lately that even getting up a once a week blog post seems to be a difficult task for

FREE 16×20 Fine Art Canvas with Family Photos! | WI Photographer

Free 16×20 Canvas Offer In the last few days I was thinking hard about a summer perk I could offer for everyone when I finally

Mill Crest Vintage Wedding Dresses, Eau Claire, WI Wedding Photographer

I love Vintage. Anything and everything vintage, and you’ve had me at hello. My work has a very obvious flair toward the

what to wear guide, photographers

What to Wear for Your Family Photo Shoot | Eau Claire, WI Family Photographer

One of my favorite things to do when I have a moment to myself, is head to Polyvore and create some beautiful outfit inspiration boards. I

The Tough Stuff | WI Photographer

I received an email from a budding photographer this morning that has continued throughout today, and with her permission we decided that

Budget Wedding Planning: Choosing Your Date! | Eau Claire, WI Wedding Photographer

Hello faithful blog followers! Thanks for tuning into another post on budget wedding planning, it makes me so excited to know you’re