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Customer Referral Program

Here at Violet Photography & Design, I believe in rewarding my clients for promoting my business and sharing their experiences with me. You’re going to tell everyone how incredible your experience was anyway, so why not get a perk from it?

For every referral I receive from you, and a booked & completed shoot, I will give you a $25 credit.

What is even better than a $25 credit? The fact that those credits can be stacked up to $150 and used on sitting fees for future shoots, and up to $50 can be credited toward prints. Then, I take it one step better and offer the referred individual $25 off their booked shoot. No one loses!

Get in touch with me if you have any questions, or if you would like some referral cards.

And above all, THANK YOU!! for believing in my business and referring me to your friends & family. Your good words are so very much appreciated.

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