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What should I wear?

I always suggest bringing a few different outfits to a shoot, and try to mix it up a little. Bring a pair of nice jeans that fit you well, a couple of nice tops, and for ladies: always be sure you bring a dress. Even if it’s simple, dresses speak volumes in terms of femininity and romance. Collared shirts are always a great thing, and a shirt in a dark color can never go wrong.  Always consider your complexion, and dress for your body type. Above all, be comfortable. Wear things you love, that you feel comfortable in, and that show your personality.


What NOT to Wear:

Try to stay away from very light colors, ripped jeans & clothing, & baggy clothes. Don’t go to excess with accessories. For ladies, stick with only one “wow!” piece in an outfit. If you’re wearing wild shoes, tone the rest of the outfit down a bit.


How should I best prepare my children for a shoot?

If your child normally has a nap during the day, try to schedule the shoot before or after their nap. Make sure the session will not overlap nap time. In the same respect, try not to schedule your shoot in the middle of summer, during the hot & sticky months. Bring a favorite toy, snacks, water, additional changes of clothes, and any emergency items you may need during the shoot. I do my very best to portray your child’s personality, and ensure you walk away with images you are happy & excited to share with friends and family. Proper preparation with your child ahead of time will ensure that you are more than pleased with the final results. More than anything, remember that I have seen it all. Once kids see a camera come out, all sorts of crazy things start happening. Don’t worry! You would be surprised how their crazy antics can make a photo phenomenal. I don’t believe in a bad child.


How should I do my makeup & hair?

Stay true to yourself, you want to look like yourself in your photos and not another version of yourself. Apply makeup the way you usually would, if you don’t normally wear a lot of makeup try using a little bit more while still keeping a light hand. When styling your hair, stick with a style you usually wear. Men, come cleanly shaven with a fresh haircut.






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