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did Obsession chocolates close

I’d been planning this blog post for a while for my newest Electric Park Project, and any time I am doing something just for my own purposes and not for a client, it tends to take the back burner. Especially when it happens to fall during the summer months, when I am at my absolute busiest and even breathing seems like a difficult task. However, this is one of those times that I should have put something first because today when I pulled up to Obsession Chocolates to meet a friend and have some lunch the storefront looked oddly dark. When I walked up to the windows I saw the entire restaurant had pretty much been cleared out. Apparently, reading a newspaper has been a difficult task as well lately, because I missed the Leader Telegram write up, announcing the closing of Obsession Chocolates in Eau Claire, WI.

Once I confirmed what I already suspected, I could have cried. Not only does Obsession Chocolates offer the most delicious and beautiful truffles you’ve ever seen, but they also had the best veggie burger and coffee on their menus. There was nothing I tried that I did not love. My favorite truffle, the Caramel Fleur de Sel, I can still taste on the tip of my tongue. So delicious. Becky, the owner and the brains behind the culinary end of the chocolate operation, was kind enough to let me come into her “home,” and photograph for our Interurban project. Throughout the process, she taught me a lot of things I didn’t know previously.

Such as, in order to make the delicious chocolates that they hand craft on site, they have to polish their molds and make sure they are perfectly dry and pristine by hand. Also, the cacoa that they use to make the chocolates, and essentially is the base, is extremely expensive which explains the cost of $2.25 per truffle. Believe me when I say they are worth every penny. Watching the team at Obsession Chocolates work together was beautiful. You can tell they really are a team, and Becky wasn’t just an owner. She really cares about her employees. She cares about their lives, their futures, and they are a part of Obsession Chocolates. It was almost as though, just as much as she owned the business, they did too.

Finding out today that the doors have closed is heartbreaking. Becky is now looking for an investor and I sincerely hope she finds one, because this business is a major asset to the Eau Claire, and surrounding Chippewa Valley area. After debating about whether or not I would still do the blog post, I have decided that I would. I have beautiful photos and there is a great story to tell here, and hopefully someone can help our small local business re-open their doors.

Making ChocolateChocolates Made by Hand Suitcases made in Eau Claire, WI
I hope you enjoyed my first blog post for the Interurban Streetcar Tour of Local Shops. You can read more about the inspiration behind this project here. I am sad that it started off on a kind of sad note for me, but I am hoping that this post can generate some interest for Becky and hopefully someone out there has the funds to help support a local business that keeps our local economy thrumming away. It certainly is worth the investment, at least in my eyes. If you agree, I would love it if you share this post. I always love if you guys share my posts, but due to the circumstances with this one, it would mean a lot to many other people who have lost their jobs and possible sole source of income. I would imagine Becky probably employed around 20-30 people in her building. Thank you guys, you’re the best. Much love and well wishes to you all.

Obsession Chocolates

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