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2012 Cutest Kiddo Contest Winners & Semi-Finalists | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

As many of you are aware, I held my 2nd Annual Cutest Kiddo Contest in July and I surprised my Semi-Finalists with a free mini session and my 1st place winners in both the boys and girls categories won a Complimentary 1 hour session, 1 8×10 enlargement and 1 5×7 enlargement. Luckily all my winners and semi-finalists scheduled their sessions very close to one another so I don’t have to sit in suspense waiting to share the fruits of my labor. And the fruit is abundant this year…okay, pardon the complete cheesiness but I am one happy girl. Not only did I have the cutest little nuggets, but ones just chock full of personality. It doesn’t get much better than that! My semi finalists had their sessions held at Banbury Place in Eau Claire, WI, a place I haven’t been photographing at for a while but one I always forget has such immense character and numerous photo opportunities. Typically, I go for less distracting elements in my photos so I can really and truly focus on the PERSON but this worked out well on all levels. My winners were able to choose their locations, and both chose to go with Phoenix Park, another fantastic location. Especially during the Summer months when all the flowers are in bloom and the grass is a lush, well manicured green.

Miss Evelyn was the winner for the girls this year, a 6 month old sweetie pie, and Master Dylan was the winner representing the boys. He’s 2 and a gigantic ball of never ending energy. I ended the last of my sessions tonight and worked my tail off to get a blog together because I am that excited to share this years’ cuties! If you missed this year, and you would like to participate next year, the contest will be held in mid-June! Keep an eye out on Facebook, the announcement will be made there.  The semi-finalists were equaling exciting and included 2 boys and 1 girl, Peyton, Dominic, & Rozalynn! Enjoy!
Eau Claire WI Phoenix Park Photographer

Each Semi-Finalist mini session ran 20 minutes, and this beautiful work is what we came away with! Many times, I have people afraid to book mini’s because they are unsure they will get what they want. However, when you are dealing with a seasoned photographer who knows what they are doing, sometimes 20 minutes is too much time. 🙂