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Andra Delores Design, Custom Wedding Invitations for People in Love

I first met Andra at a Chippewa Valley Wedding Professionals meeting, we meet once a month at a volunteer venue and talk all about business and network with one another. Upon first seeing Andra, you can tell she is a creative, and she is incredibly nice. She’s a person who will push you into the spotlight rather than shine in it on her own. I knew right away upon meeting her that I wanted to chat with her, and about 3 months ago she started her own business called Andra Delores Design, giving me the perfect opportunity to invite her for coffee and sit down and chat. Andra graciously accepted, which had me being the biggest dork I can be, planning out questions for a blog feature, and list making.

Andra Delores Design is a design business focused on providing one of a kind, custom wedding invitations to brides & grooms. Directly from Andra’s Facebook page, this is how she describes her business:

Welcome to my loving and not-so-little world of wedding stationery design!

Jill and Steve suite

Whether your dream wedding style is vintage, modern, classic, inspired by glitz, or whatever other style your big heart desires….your wedding deserves a stylish invitation…

…and that’s where I come in…and let’s just say, I love my job. I’m a
believer in all things Love, and that’s why my custom designs are made
perfectly for you (they are made with loads of love!). I’m head-over-heels for all those little details that create stationery unique to you as a couple…not a cookie-cutter version of someone else’s! This day is about the unique love shared between you and your partner…let’s work together to create stationery that reflects that!

When I’m not designing, you can find me:trying to live my life like Jesus, loving, laughing, reading, sipping a fresh cup of coffee (or glass of wine!), dancing, being nerdy, talking about weddings (yes, I know!), and hoarding pretty things.

I am all about romanticism, beautiful & unique work, and Andra is all of  the above. The instant we sat down at the coffee shop, she curled her legs right up under her and made herself at home as we laughed and chatted. I had lots of questions for Andra, and it was surprising how much we have in common. I feel that many of my planning brides & grooms will be just as smitten with her as I was.

Chelsey and Curtis Suite

I asked Andra what made her interested in design, and she told me she has always been creative, she loved art and enjoyed painting and drawing, however, from a very young age she always wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a doctor. In college, it was her plan to pursue a medical career, but she decided she was passionate about art and all it took was a push in the right direction from a friend who asked her what she was really passionate about. It obviously didn’t take her long to decide, and her lifelong desire to become a doctor changed to a major in graphic design. And as they say, the rest is history.

We all have inspiration for our careers, whether it be a family member who paved the road for us years before, or someone who is a pinnacle of the career you join. There is always someone with whom you associate yourself. I asked Andra who her “designer of the moment” was and for Andra, she feels the most draw from designs by Kate Spade. Kate is a designer of clothing, shoes, and bags, and is very well known in the couture market. Her designs are typically fresh, fun, clean, and bold with color. As far as Andra is concerned though, her favorite colors are full of romance. Rose, gold, grays, blush, & coral make her personal favorites list, but of course she does designs in all sorts of colors.

In my personal opinion, design is all about font choice. Some may argue or disagree with me…but get the wrong font in your chosen design and you completely change your message. Of course, color sends it’s own message too but the right font can overcome a poor color choice in many situations. A talented designer, I believe, knows this. The opposite is true of poor font choices. There is not a color in the world that will save your design from a poor font choice or pairing. So I asked Andra, what are your favorite fonts of the moment. I have to say I was beyond surprised when she mentioned fonts that were all my own personal favorites; any font from jellyka, Great Vibes by TypeSETit, & jacques & gilles by Emily Lime. Personally, I think everyone should check out Jellyka DeliciousCake, one of my faves!

Carlie and Danny suite

Another portion of the design process that is crucially important is the actual process itself. Any creative will tell you, that when you have a set plan and goals for yourself, it is easier to attain your dreams than when you go in with no plan. For Andra, she likes to use Pinterest, she feels that having a board where both the bride & groom can post their inspiration helps her to come up with her designs a bit better. She also assembles a mood board for each of her clients, and she sketches. Andra says that a lot of designers don’t sketch anymore, they don’t feel it’s an important part of the process. I can imagine with computers, ipads, padfolio’s, and digital drawing it’s not quite as important anymore, but for Andra, she feels as though this is still a very crucial part of the design process. She then does the invitation mock-up, which usually requires only one round of changes since Andra spends a lot of time getting to know her clients, asking a lot of questions, and really rooting out what it is that defines their special day. The final stages are designing the supporting elements that go along with the invitations. She requests that when her clients meet with her for the first time, that they come along with some idea of a budget if they are a couple planning on a budget, any photos that may be relevant to the day, including the bride’s dress. But most importantly, Andra says to be prepared to talk about yourselves. She wants to know everything about you. Your love, how you met, your likes & dislikes.

Andra Delores Design’s ideal client is couples completely in love, people who are not only passionate about their wedding day, but also passionate about their marriage. People who are willing to invest in their day to solidify the day in their heads. Couples who want something different, unique, because they will not be getting another cookie cutter design from Andra Delores Design. They are guaranteed to have something that looks nothing like what their friends or cousins have, and it will beautifully reflect who they are and be a visual representation of their lives together.

Becky and John suite

For me, thank you cards are the pinnacle of any event. Even though we are in a digital age, and the world moves so quickly, I find thank you notes, cards, etc to still be so important. Sometimes they mean more than a personal thank you, and most definitely an email. I wanted to know what Andra felt was the best way to say thank you, and she said words of affirmation, or a very personal thank you note rather than a gift. Always remember, that for those of us who are creative, we create with our hearts. Would it be any wonder, that words that touch our hearts would be the best way to thank us?

Last of all, without goals and determination, none of this would be possible…so I asked Andra, where do you go from here? She said she wants to influence the world, and touch the lives of many. Is it any wonder, she’s now a favorite & preferred vendor of VPD? I’ll tell you, I’m not surprised. Not one bit.

You can contact Andra Christianson by heading to her website,, emailing her at, calling her at 262-751-9501, or find her on Facebook,

And in her own words….”Be Loved.”