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Animal Cruelty & Animal Rights, Baby Chicks for Photography at Easter


Sure, he’s cute…isn’t he? I think he’s adorable, and at Pet Food Plus in Eau Claire, when they come in I just love looking at them and their super soft and downy fuzz. Their sweet little chirping is infectious, and many people feel the same. Which is the reason you see a lot of photographers photographing young children with these cute little fur balls right around the Easter holiday. It’s a great promotion and captures a lot of attention.

Just this morning, I received a request from a potential client wanting to know if I do Easter Chick portraits. Unfortunately, I do not offer this service. The reasons I don’t do this are many, but mainly the reason is because I am a huge animal lover and watching any animal suffer undue strife really hurts my heart. I’m an emotional person by nature, even watching some National Geographic shows will make me cry if it gets too graphic. But the reasons go far beyond even that, and I think people need to be informed of the reasons why using baby chicks for photography purposes falls under unjust animal cruelty.

Around the Easter holiday, hundreds of thousands more chicks than usual will be incubated and shipped to pet stores, farm supply stores, Β and individuals around the world in preparation for Easter. These chicks serve a single use for many people, namely adorable “gifts,” marketing ploys, and for some photographers: photography specials. During their travels from the factory they were born at, to their final destination, these animals will live in filth, be mishandled, and ultimately many will die during transit.

Many people purchasing the chicks as “gifts,” will do so without thinking that what is now an adorable, cuddly ball of fluff will very quickly grow into a full grown animals with needs and with nuances. Or even worse, they will become nuisances. As a result, the animal will be given up, abandoned, or worse. Individuals purchasing the chicks in situations where they will be handled by children, adults, etc. throughout an entire 8 hour or more work day, do not put into account the fact that the children will typically not know how to handle these animals. Especially considering the fact that many of these children will be very young, and some will not have had any experience yet in the handling of animals. The chicks will be choked, squeezed, dropped, rough housed and abused to the point that they will die or become injured.

I simply cannot condone this as a business, but more importantly, as an individual. It sure is adorable, yes I agree. But the truth behind that image is not so adorable and I cannot support something I don’t believe in, simply to gain a customer. It’s because of this, that I sadly say no to all of you hoping to have photos with your children and adorable spring babies. I do have many other options available to you for spring photos, and I hope you all choose to use my services despite my willingness to provide live animals for your photographs. My suggestion would be to use adorable spring clothing, or for the very young adorable hats will make an equally precious statement. Stuffed animals are also very cute, and it’s been brought to my attention that several companies make small chick props that look very life-like. Perhaps next year this will be something I put into consideration.

However, in the meantime I wanted you all to know what my stance is on this particular subject. Thank you for choosing to take the cruelty-free route in relation to animals, and thank you as always, for choosing Violet Photography & Design. I sincerely appreciate your business!

Above photo provided by: Coulter Curated

  • Susan Tester via Facebook - Also these baby chicks have to be kept very warm and just over handling can cause these babies to die.Thank you Bobbie Sue for being the animal lover that you are.ReplyCancel

  • Mirela Patino via Facebook - I completely agree and admire the stand you hVe taken! I am too an animal lover and applaud you!! πŸ™‚ ReplyCancel

  • Mirela Patino via Facebook - Have*ReplyCancel

  • Traci Hartman Gassen via Facebook - Some people borrow them from farms for photo shoots…ya don’t always have to buy them. Are you a vegan?ReplyCancel

  • Traci Hartman Gassen via Facebook - What do they do with the chickys after the photo shoot? An alternitive could maybe be doing sessions at some place like Govins when they have that lambing thingyReplyCancel

  • Violet Photography & Design via Facebook - Traci, I am just against the borrowing and using of them in their entirety, really. I think little kids just aren’t prepared for the cuteness! Having watched numerous under 5’s with baby kittens, I just cringe because those poor kitties barely have necks left when they’re done with them. I just couldn’t in good conscience do something like that, I guess…but to each their own. As far as being vegan, no I am not…but I could very well be. There are days where even the thought of meat makes me sick to my stomach and I can’t eat it. I have extreme difficulty touching raw meat, and when I do eat it I always buy free range and organic if at all possible. I could never go completely vegan because I do enjoy dairy products a lot. I do think that at some point in my life, I probably will go without meat in my diet, I just have not made it there yet. At the very least, I imagine I will be pescatarian. (Fish, dairy, etc.) The little lambs I could definitely consider, it’s something I have thought about but haven’t yet done. We actually have a contact who has lambs, and we’ve done some photos with them just not with people yet. πŸ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Violet Photography & Design via Facebook - Oh & Traci, as far as what they do with the baby chicks after the shoots…I’ve heard some horror stories that I refuse to believe…but at best they are given to local farms and hatcheries.ReplyCancel

  • Gretchen Wallace via Facebook - Sick! On the other hand if you want baby bunnies to take pictures with we may have some ready to be handled by people around Easter time πŸ™‚ReplyCancel