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Banbury Place, Eau Claire, WI Modeling Portraits | Eau Claire, WI Model Photographer

Eau Claire, WI Model Photographer

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to shoot with a agency represented model for a modeling session. Olivia is represented by Forte Modeling & Talent Agency, Forte provides models and talent to various different big box chain stores such as Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, etc. and I was very excited about this shoot. We shot the entire session at Banbury Place in Eau Claire, WI mainly focusing on getting some beautiful head shots in a variety of different poses and with a variety of different expressions. Olivia and I had a blast during our session, even in the hot & sticky heat and ended up with some incredible images for examples in her modeling portfolio. While I do projects like these throughout the year, I typically leave sharing these images until later simply because I end up being way too busy to dedicate the time and expertise to each image, that I would like to dedicate. This last week has been a little more quiet, leaving me with some extra time to work on other things and play around a bit. I’ve been experimenting a lot with my editing techniques lately, working on clean and crisp edits and perfecting those so that when I want to have a little fun with an image, I am already starting with something that is as clean and perfect as possible. As a result, these are definitely some of my best images to date. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Don’t forget about your last chances for mini sessions this year, before the leaves start to fall and the snow flies. It will come sooner than you think! And today has never been a better day to capture those special moments in your life. You can reach me at or call me at 715-514-4505 to chat about your appointment or to book! 🙂