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6 Month Photos! | Eau Claire, WI Infant & Baby Photographer

A few months back, I had the pleasure of photographing Braylen for the second time. I had the distinct honor to photograph him for his newborn photos when he was still just a tiny little peanut. I met him and his family at their home, and enjoyed some time with them right before Christmas. Braylen also has a fantastic big brother, Cameron who just adores his little brother to pieces and is quite the camera ham. Some of you may remember Cameron since he really hammed it up for the camera and I shared a lot of his football photos. I barely directed that shoot because Cameron had it in the bag. This time around, it was just Braylen and I. We started outside in his back yard on a hot and humid 90 degree day and then moved inside to his absolutely gorgeous nursery. Our first go ’round with photos, I completely forgot I wanted photos in the nursery, so this time around I made sure I wasn’t about to forget. Braylen’s nursery is absolutely gorgeous and filled with light, just the way I would imagine a nursery to be. Sometimes, it’s not the babies that give me baby fever, it’s the nurseries! People have so much fun with them now, and put so much character and fun, lively color in them. Plus, I hear babies are stimulated by bright colors, so it’s win-win. I hope you enjoy the photos I captured with Braylen, he’s quite the cutie!