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Custom Made Photo Christmas Cards | Altoona, WI Photographer

Tonight I had the big unveiling of my new Christmas Card designs for the 2011 Holiday Season. Facebook was the first to know, as always! If you want up to date specials & info, be sure to FAN ME. I’m also only sharing my personal favorites on here, so you’ll have to check out Facebook anyway if you want to see the rest. There are 6 designs in total at the moment, with plans to add a few more just for variety’s sake. Additionally, the company that I print through offers some various cut-out designs, and some different looks as well. A lot of theirs are a little more traditional, so if your tastes lean toward the traditional side never fear! I have something for everyone!




I love this one a lot, it kind of has that “Grinch Stole Christmas,” kind of feel. It also maintains that soft, pink-y, romantic & vintage look that I love so much. I also really love the little hearts on the pink packages. So cute!

This one is pretty simple, but I love the varying text and the colors. I chose the colors on this card to match the blues & pinks in the family’s outfits. I can do the same for you, or we can even use a black & white photo and choose traditional Christmas colors.

This last one has really pretty colors, in a less traditional scheme that could fit pretty much any photo. Any of the designs can, but this one is a little more versatile. Speaking of versatile, all of these styles are available as flat cards, double-sided, bi-fold, and tri-fold. Again, all of the fonts, colors, and messages are customizable. All you have to do is ask! Prices start at $1 per card and up. Ask for a price quote, I would be more than happy to give you one.

Until October 31st, I will be offering 1 pack of 25 5×7 Flat Holiday Cards with the purchase of my Budget Family Package and 1 pack of 25 5×7 bi-fold Holiday Cards with the purchase of my Platinum Family Package. See PRICING & PACKAGES for more details, or feel free to get in touch with me! This offer is limited to the first 10 bookings only, so get yours before it’s gone!

So, which holiday card is YOUR favorite?