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Yesterday was the much talked about and excitedly anticipated 2011 Cutest Kiddo Contest photo shoot. I had 7 kids scheduled to shoot from 2:30 to 7:00. All but one showed up, which made for an incredibly interesting, high energy day! So many adorable faces and personalities. We started out with Cy, who was adamant that he was not getting his photo taken. Luckily, Travis tagged along with me and I think he was able to capture a couple of images. He loves Thomas the Train and Travis really got him excited and interested when he showed him some of his train images. It was so cute, how his eyes just lit up with interest.

Next, we had Aubrey & Rylee. These two are cousins, and you can just tell they are thick as thieves. Watching them makes me remember back when I was younger and seeing my cousins was the highlight of any summer or weekend. Besides your siblings, they usually become your lifelong friends, and the people who know you better than anyone else in the world. Sometimes, they know you better than your parents do. Aubrey has the sweetest personality, and the most genuine & beautiful smile. Little Miss Rylee’s outfit was so cute! You can tell she is use to the camera because she just wandered around and did her thing while I followed her with my camera, capturing her personality just the way she would be on an everyday basis.

I tried to capture each child, in a completely different area at Phoenix Park. I think I successfully accomplished that, because looking at each individual child’s photos, they all look completely different and unique to that child.

Next, we had Kailee who was the oldest of all of the children. She has the most unique personality. It was not hard to tell that this little girl is not going to have any problems knowing who she is and what she wants out of life. She posed really well for all of the photos, and we found a couple of spots that I hadn’t found previously, with her. One of the spots, I am so excited to use for an engagement shoot! I think that particular area would be so perfect and romantic, along with offering a more private feel. Travis had already had plans to photograph Kailee prior to this shoot, and I am so excited to see what he can come up with! Right as we were finishing up Kailee’s shoot, I spied Enzo. I believe he was our youngest out of everyone.

While Travis finished up with Kailee, I took the smiley and happy Enzo to take some photos. This little guy is probably one of the happiest little guys I have ever seen. I think I may have even made a comment during the shoot about how relaxed he is. He just goes with the flow, and was very interested in me and my camera. He kept giving me these very deep, probing stares. You could tell he was just trying to put the puzzle pieces together. Such a joyful little boy!

Drayven was next, and the most obvious thing to say about him is his name! How unique! I don’t think I have ever heard that name before, and it fit him perfectly. Such a strong name! Drayven is an absolute camera ham, I can totally see him becoming a male model or even a child model. He had all of these poses up his sleeve and kept moving around for me, cocking his head from one side to the other. So silly. He seems to have a little bit of an interest in photography as well, so I spent a little time with him showing him how to handle my camera. The funniest thing about Drayven’s shoot was his obsession with locusts. He claimed he heard and saw them everywhere and I had to convince him that we were not going to let the locusts do anything to him. So cute! Kids always have the weirdest thoughts and beliefs in what can hurt them. On top of it all, he had so much energy that I think we traveled the majority of the park with him!

Last of all, we had Ayla Jade. What a refreshing little girl, normally at the end of a shoot I am so drained but the instant I saw her little crew they gave me the energy boost I needed. They were so excited and bubbly. You can just instantly tell that they are a loving and energetic family. Ayla was not sitting still for a second, you really had to be on your toes with her, because you didn’t know what was going to come next. She was also a little poser and at the simple request of a smile, she pops out her very best smile. It’s rare to request a smile from a child and get that energetic, and sparkly eyed smile. Kids are normally so in tuned to their feelings, and requesting a fake expression really is not possible, they just don’t do it. This one did.

I walked away from Saturday’s shoot entirely drained, a little sunburnt, and some random bug bites that I didn’t even realize I was getting! But the best thing I walked away with, was meeting these kids! They were all so unique, and so wonderful. Every shoot I have with a child, teaches me something new and teaches me something about myself. I am so thankful for all of the parents who entered their children in this contest. I had an absolute blast throughout the entire process and sincerely look forward to next year!

One more What To Wear set as a treat for you guys! And photos from Saturdays shoot to come very soon! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

What To Wear 3 | Casual


Knit tank dress
$48 –

One shoulder blouse
$30 –

Old Navy low rise skinny jeans
$13 –

Forever21 flat gladiator sandals
$19 –

H&M flat shoes
2.99 –

Short sleeve cotton shirt with fluo colour inside
€35 –

MEN Denim Long Shorts
20 –

VOLCOM Bangin Boys Polo
$25 –

Old Navy Boys Sueded Sandals
$11 –
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