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I’ve always had an interest in animals, dogs very specifically. For a long time I thought about becoming a pet photographer and never really pursued it. However, this year, I began my 365 project and through the process, I began taking more and more photos of my own boxers, Kane & Atlas. Once I started doing that and sharing, people began contacting me and said they wanted to schedule pet portrait shoots with me, which got me thinking again. I can do this. I have an insane passion for animals, I have no fear of them, I am respectful of their personal space, and safety has always been my #1 priority, even with people. I can do this. And so I am. If you would like photos of your pets, please contact me! I do have a waiver and contract you MUST sign, and requirements that must be fulfilled, but once we clear the way of legalities, I am all in! Contact me today!



Jacy, 125/365

Marge, 124/365

Isabella, 119/365

Jay & His Dog

Project 365: 1/365 Kane