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Foggy Wisconsin Christmas Family Session on a Hobby Farm | Eau Claire, WI Photographer

Hobby Farm Family Photo shoot

There are sessions throughout a photographer’s history, that are far under appreciated and get far less exposure than what they really should get. They sit on a hard drive, never to be seen or heard from again. When you go back and look at the photos and find yourself smiling, or catching your breath looking at a photo, you know it’s good stuff. As a photographer though, I have learned that some sessions need to sit for a while, mature if you will, before you can fully appreciate them. I find that with every single one of my sessions I have so much anxiety built up leading up to the shoot, the day of the shoot, and after, to properly appreciate the artistry. I cannot objectively look at my sessions and say that this is a fabulous image or even sometimes, this is a really bad idea or why did I shoot this? Even now, going back through client galleries, I will see images that I passed on to the client in their viewing gallery that if I was preparing it right now, I wouldn’t include the image because it just isn’t strong enough to meet my expectations of myself.

I carry very high expectations of myself. Leading up to a session, I spend hours planning. I scout locations, plan the lighting for the time of day I will be at that location, help my clients with wardrobe (here, here, & here), posing, and the more people involved in a session, the more complicated and challenging it gets.

Looking at this session of the Boetzer family, I am having one of those moments of real life jealousy of one of my own shoots. While all my sessions are creative, and I love each one in their own, very unique way, this session had so many things come together to create a session that is extremely difficult to duplicate. This session was on December 13th, and while it took place in 2012, it has never been blogged. A year and a week later, this session is finally getting the love it deserves. The day was cold, but amazingly enough we did not have snow on the ground when normally in Wisconsin, we’re in the beginning of a frigid, brutal winter. It had rained that morning and I remember driving to the session thinking what was I going to do with this lack of light? And the fog…oh the fog. I honestly never thought for a minute that I would be able to make it work to my advantage. Until I arrived. And I looked at the prairie and the rolling hills, the chicken coop and tree house, the gorgeous chickens, and the family that fit so perfectly in the environment that they may as well have put a giant Christmas bow on themselves and called it my Christmas present. The location, along with that misty fog that left my curly hair a poof bomb of frizz, made this shoot. While I could take the same family, in the same outfits, at the same location, I could never recreate the moody environment that the fog lent my photos.

Looking back on this session, it’s hands down one of my all time favorites. I loved the outfits (they were genius), I loved the location, the chickens, the kids with so much character and personality, the couple who were willing to humor some of my zanier requests and make them work beautifully. I couldn’t have planned it better if I planned it myself. So, enjoy…and remember, not everything has to be perfect the day of your shoot. Sometimes, those things you see as flaws are going to be what makes your photos stand out from the crowd. Roll with it. Thanks for being here, thanks for reading. <3

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