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Framed Photo Show Honorable Mention | Eau Claire, WI Photographer


I have recently been entering a lot of my photos into Framed Photo Show, not really in the hopes of winning but more because I love sharing my work and I love getting critiques on my work. This is only my second week participating in the show, last week’s competition subject was “Fun” and I entered this shot of Rachel at her Senior Shoot. It did make the Semi-Finalists round, but alas, no win for me.




That would never stop me though! This week’s competition subject was “Simplicity,” and I entered a photo of Qulab Vue from a shoot a couple of years ago. I was shooting with my Canon Rebel XT then, and this competition only proves that it is not the camera but the operator that makes a true, stand out image. While my photo did not win, it did receive an Honorable Mention from highly esteemed photographer Damien Lovegrove from Bristol, England in the UK.


The very best part about being nominated for this humbling recognition, is the fact that Damien Lovegrove himself, gives an honest and raw critique of each of the 6 images he chose. Going approximately 28 minutes into the VIDEO, is where he begins discussing my photo and ultimately the best praise he could ever give of it is when he says near the very end that it is a photo he would like a print of.  When a photographer of his caliber wants a print of your image, you know you’re on the right track. Ultimately, my photo did not win because he felt it did not meet the contest’s parameters of  “Simplicity,” closely enough. He does however mention, that had it been a portrait contest, my photo would likely have been the winner. Wow. Heavy words. Hearing him talk honestly made me tear up. Thank you so much, Damien!

The photos/photographers who took the top 3 places are below:

Emily Rose: First Place

Thomas Clemens: Second PlaceJan Folke Rorvik: Third Place

Congrats to all of the winners, and the Honorable Mentions! I am so excited to have been a part of this, if you cannot already tell! I also look forward to someday soon announce to you that one of my photos has won a contest!