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I Wish I Could Give Facebook the Silent Treatment | Facebook Regulations Gone TOO Far!

This afternoon, I logged onto Facebook to check business messages, return them and check on my Violet page as I do every day. Then, of course I wrote a status update to keep you all informed of the daily goings’ on and information that I feel will interest you. My most recent post is about the Memorial Day Give-Away going on right now…as I clicked “Post,” a nice little dialogue popped up and I figured it was just another of Facebook’s many reminders or requests to advertise with them.

Reading it anyway, I find out that new changes in Facebook policy require me to set up a campaign and pay money to reach 900 of you and $10 per month to reach 1600 of you. Now, do I think this is too much? No, it’s not too much. $5 or $10 isn’t a ton for advertisement in the grand scheme of things. I always thought it was crazy that I could get all of this advertisement on Facebook for free, and I kind of figured that at some point it would have to end. I want to preface my rant by saying that reaching each and every one of you who “LIKE” my fan page is worth more than $5 or $10 and I would gladly pay it, but on top of it Facebook wants me to pay “per click.” Which means every time someone clicks on my information on Facebook, I pay them money

This is what I have a problem with. Facebook puts some pretty tight regulations on us as businesses on Facebook. When I say pretty tight, I mean we have regulations on what we can/can’t say to you, what we can/can’t share, how we can/can’t design our cover photos, and how we can/can’t do contests or promote our business pages. I pay $12 per year (after hosting fee set-up) to keep this website going. For the most part, I post whatever the heck I want to. There are no rules or regulations. I mean, if I really break some hosting rules I could go bye-bye, but you really have to work at that one. So here Facebook is, wanting me to pay $5 or $10 to advertise to you guys, but they are going to still put regulations on me.

That doesn’t seem right or fair. Add to the fact that when you “like” a page, you are liking it because you enjoy the content and you WANT updates from that business. I had been wondering why I hadn’t been seeing some of the businesses that I have “liked” and why I have to specifically search out their page in order to get updates. Now I know. If I like a business, I want their information on my page. If I don’t, I will usually hide them. Some businesses, I will be honest…I am just liking them just because I like their products, I already know all I need to know about them so as a result I just want to like them in general. I don’t need anything else and their updates just eat up my feed so I hide them and they are still there…I still like them but now I go to them when I want to. That’s my prerogative. I feel Facebook needs to keep it that way. Every member has the option to opt out either by unliking or by hiding a businesses posts. Requiring us to now pay for that face time is a little ludicrous.

However, if Facebook wants to require us to pay, I say make it a little more and make it across the board. Then, let us do whatever the heck we want to do on our pages. Because I am sorry Facebook, I am not paying anyone any amount of money just so they can tell me what I can or cannot do after I have given them my money.