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I Wish I Could Give Facebook The Silent Treatment, Part II | Facebook Promote Button

If you missed yesterday’s post about Facebook’s new promote button, I will give you a little run down quickly. Slowly, and by increments, Facebook is implementing a new policy for Facebook fan pages and businesses, whereby the content of your status updates, pages, photos, etc. will no longer show up in all your fans feeds unless you pay $5 or $10 to reach set numbers of your fans. Right now, if I pay $5 I reach a maximum of 1600 of my fans, and for $10 I reach a maximum of 2400. Yesterday, those numbers were a little different, 900 and 1600 respectively. To read more about that, head over to yesterday’s post to read the full story.

Yesterday, I sent Facebook some feedback telling them what I think of this new Promote button and made it clear that I wouldn’t be using it and they wouldn’t be receiving my money without some changes to the way they allow us to communicate with our fans. Well today, I thought about it a little more and decided for $5 it was worth seeing how it worked, at least. So I took the plunge and paid the $5 and promoted my Memorial Day Give-Away. The box popped up for promoting the status update, I clicked the $5 to reach the maximum of 1600 fans and agreed to their Terms & Advertising Guidelines, and they instantly promoted my status update and will later charge my Paypal account.

Now, yesterday when I was reading about the new Promote button, Facebook made it sound like my update would be labeled with a Sponsored Advertiser label or something of the sort. I was really turned off by that and I couldn’t see if it had that or not so I had someone check it for me and they informed me it just shows up like a normal status update. Okay, I can deal with that. Why does it bother me? Because, I don’t like clicking on things that are advertisements so I assume the majority of you feel similarly. With that settled I was pretty pleased.

That is, until the same person informed me that they had received a notification stating Violet Photography & Design had shared a status update with them. I don’t need the notifications, and I don’t want to bombard you guys with them either. I think it’s another turn off. People don’t want that type of stuff in their notifications bar, they just want their friends and family there. Plain & simple. Plus, if more people catch on and start using the Promote button, that could become one big mess. I know I personally “like” about 500 pages, between prop companies, education, photographers pages, and random local things. You’ll need a completely separate notifications bar just for the business you “like.” Unnecessary, if you ask me.

It doesn’t end there though…apparently they also send a text message to your phone if you have it linked with your Facebook account. What?!?! You say? Yep. Text messages to your cell phone from little ole me. First off, I am so sorry! I know many people don’t get their text messages for free. I remember the days when every text I got cost me  $.10. Sure, it’s only $.10 but it adds up. I know before my unlimited text messaging package, I would get anxious about even one text over what I found acceptable for the month. So, again I am so sorry. Had I known exactly how this worked, and had Facebook’s explanation of how to use the Promote button been clearer and more concise and to the point, you can bet I never would have set up the campaign. It’s just too much. I mean, yes…I want my business to be the first on your mind when you decide to have photos done. That’s why I go to all the trouble of writing blog posts, sharing photos, keeping up with both the website and the Facebook page, but I am not here to bombard you either.

Again, it just all seems like way too much to subject people to. It’s stretching what people will accept from you, and I would imagine that if I made the Promote button a regular thing, I would lose a whole lot of you. Definitely not what I want, so after today no more Promote button. This will be the first and last time I use it, and I am hoping this is just a test run for Facebook so they can see what works and what doesn’t and make some changes. This is definitely something that needs some tweaking to work. On top of it, it’s been 11 hours and my $5 promotion has only reached 305 you, which equals 18% of my total fan base. Not a good amount when I’ve had to pay to reach that little of you who are there because you like my work.

So, in the meantime I am not even entirely sure how to keep you guys on the radar. My only suggestion is to make sure you’re active with the page if you still want to receive updates in your feeds. Leave me some comments, likes, etc. Obviously, I enjoy to see you’re there anyway. It’s no fun to know you’re looking but that you don’t say hi. So stop in and say hi. Tell me you exist. Tell me about yourself. Why do you like my work? How did you find me? What would you like to see from me for material whether it be blog fodder, inspiration for shoots, community involvement. Whatever it may be, get involved and stay active. I love you guys, you’re what keeps me going. Your support is absolutely everything to me and means more than you can imagine.  Thank you for staying active and interested in my work. You have all my loyalty, love, and dedication.

And I’m sorry about the pesky text message.

Bobbie Sue