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In-Home Photography Sessions! | Eau Claire, WI Family Portrait Photographer

Recently, I’ve begun to try out some In Home Family Portrait sessions and I have been loving them! Not only am I finding that my clients are so much more relaxed in their environments, but especially when kids are involved, they are much more apt to cooperate. They’re excited to show off their belongings and they are more comfortable knowing that they are in their own home. On top if it all, if there is a wardrobe malfunction or we need to do some bribing for cooperation, we have everything we need right where we are.

Mom also has one less thing to worry about, because she knows that the photos will match her home since the background IS your home. I am so excited about this, because it really reflects who I am as a photographer and as a person. I love capturing the little moments and exchanges from families. I can remember spending Saturday and Sunday mornings in my parents’ bedroom as a kid, all 4 of us piling on top of mom & dad’s bed. Tickle fighting and laughing, and just enjoying one another. So my thoughts were, why not capture those moments? Your kids are going to remember these moments when they are older, just as I do. Now they’re going to have photos to remember them by. I remember my dad making pancakes for us in the morning. Sometimes the pancakes were in the shape of the first letter of our names, sometimes they were Mickey Mouse, sometimes they has chocolate chips in them. We all have little Saturday or Sunday traditions as families, and I want to document those for you. It’s so very important to have a visual documentation of these memories.

So, through the month of November, I will be offering In-Home sessions at 10% off my normal prices with your paid deposit. I don’t care if you are booking your session for next year, the discount will still apply. If you’re interested, get in touch with me and I can get your date booked. I can’t wait to spend a day with your family, in your home, documenting all of your favorite memories.