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Madelyn & Rauch Family Shoot | Phoenix Park Photographer, Eau Claire, WI

Tonight I had a shoot with the Rauch family, and adorable 6 month old Madelyn. I mean, A-DORABLE. I want her clothes in my size, she was so cute! She braved the cold weather with us very well for being such a little person. I didn’t think she’d last a half hour, and here she was at the end of an hour just finally giving up on us. And who could blame her? Even I was sniffling and the tip of my nose was freezing. It’s the middle of September, and yes! I am from Wisconsin but come on! This weather is crazy, even for us!

Tonight’s shoot was so great though, you know it’s a good one when you’re looking at your RAW images, straight out of camera (SOOC) and they are awesome. There are so many, I would honestly feel comfortable sharing without even a single edit. But you know me, vintage queen here and I have to give it the extra little touch that makes it romantic and dreamy. The image of Madelyn below came out looking dreamy all on it’s own!

Of course, I touched it up a little and popped the colors but this was one that made my jaw drop when I opened it up. Just gorgeous. I also played with a few different areas in Phoenix Park today that I hadn’t previously tried, or that I had but just put a slightly different twist on them and I am pretty happy with the results. The bottom photo is an area I have used before, who can tell me which photo I took in this same place with slightly different results?

The last couple of images are just in and around the park. So many places to capture great photographs. And I am oh-so-lucky to have such gorgeous clients to put in front of my camera!

You know you want some of your own! Call or email me today for your very own session! I look forward to capturing your special moments! Thanks for sneaking a peek!