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New 2012 Business Practices & Announcements | Eau Claire & Altoona WI Photographer

With a New Year comes changes, and this year VPD will be experiencing A LOT of changes. One of the more major things that will be happening this year, I still can’t announce because the details are still being fine tuned. I was hoping that I could make the big announcement right away in January, but I am the type of person who likes to have the details worked out before I move forward with sharing. Some of you already know about it, and again I will ask that you please keep our secret under wraps until it’s ready.

This year, I put a lot of thought into many of my business practices and one major thing that has been in the process of changing is my editing style. Some of you may have noticed, and no it hasn’t been accidental. I love vintage processing, and I am still going to continue editing that way but with a more traditional twist. I think as a photographer, you have to be ahead of the curve and ahead of change, and I definitely see photography taking a more traditional route in the coming years. More than that, I’m personally finding that I like the more traditional approach a little better. Of course, my photography is always going to have a look that sets it apart, and I hope you agree and book me as your photographer of choice. Let me know if you’ve noticed the change and what your thoughts are!

Another change this year, will be the addition of the Impressions Bridal Fair in Eau Claire, WI. This year’s event will be held at the Hobbs Arena in Eau Claire on Sunday, September 30, 2012 from 11-4. My main goal with this event will be to get out and meet some of our area’s brides and share my work with them. Hopefully I will see a few of you there, and we can work together to make your wedding memories beautiful ones. Let’s not forget, after the food has been eaten, the cake sliced & served, the first dance and Grand March, the only thing you’ll have left to remember this day by is your photos. You should entrust them to someone who is dedicated to giving you the very best and working with you to create beautiful images. I also am a wealth of information on where you can cut corners without anyone noticing and still have the wedding of your dreams. Book your wedding with me, and you’re not just hiring a photographer. You’re hiring someone who is just as invested in your big day as you are. Well, close anyway.

The next announcement, is something that happened earlier this year, but I haven’t announced it yet. Travis Dewitz, owner of Dewitz Photography in Eau Claire and I started an umbrella company called Capture Yourself Today. This business encompasses both Violet Photography & Design and Dewitz Photography. Travis and I work as a team in a lot of the things we do, and we also share very differing approaches to photography. The nice thing about having our business operate under one company name is that we can offer services that will hopefully encompass more people and appeal to more people. When you call our business line, 715.514.4505 we will answer the phone as Capture Yourself Today. I will admit, it can be a little disconcerting when you’re calling for one business or the other, but hopefully with time it will catch on and be slightly less confusing. However, Travis and I are a team and we operate as one, so when choosing either one of us you’re getting a creative duo with never-ending ideas and brainstorming.

Last of all, every year there are always some not so exciting changes and this year is no exception. I graduated school in December of this year, so my weekend availability will be a little more limited than usual. This means weekends will book a lot faster, especially once weather starts warming up. If you’re looking to schedule a session, my suggestion would be to consider doing it now, so you know you have your preferred date and time.

With 2012 sessions, a required deposit of $100 will need to be made in order to secure your preferred date. If you are unable to keep your session, if you call 24 or more hours ahead to reschedule your session will be moved to a new date. If you’re unable to reschedule, the $100 deposit is non-refundable. If you call with less than 24 hours to spare, your deposit will again be non-refundable. Session deposits must be received within 48 hours of securing your date, or the date will once again be open to other clients.

VPD will also be requiring signed contracts with each client stating what package you are purchasing, the allotted time included in that package, number of prints, edited images, etc. This contract will also cover the fact that edited images are not free. With any professional photographer, edited images will never come free. Each image takes an average of 45 minutes to edit, along with my creative time, talent, and equipment. Each edited image can have ONE full revision before the client must pay additional revision costs.  Additionally, all clients will need to sign model release forms for themselves and their minor children. Many of my images are shared publicly, whether it be in advertisement, Facebook, website, sharing with other clients, etc. If you wish not to have your images shared, there will be an election on the contract stating that you wish to not have your images publicly shared. I will always honor this request. There will never be a moment, with any client, where I will continue to share images in which the client prefers them not to be. Even if you have originally elected to share the images, all you must do is contact me to have them removed.

Lastly, when ordering prints I am now requiring an in-person meeting. I will not personally guarantee your prints if you cannot fit a one-on-one meeting in. Many questions that will normally get answered in a personal meeting, are sometimes missed in telephone calls or emails. This will guarantee that your print order is exactly to your specifications, and you’ve personally seen exactly how your chosen images will look in print and have met your approval. A contract will be signed at that point with your chosen image numbers, sizes, quantity, and expected/estimated delivery date. Upon delivery of your order, I will also meet with you once again in person, to view all of your images and confirm that each of them once again meet your approval and sign stating these facts.

Prior to this point, I did not require any of this. The reason I am now requiring it, is because most insurance companies will require a written agreement if there is ever a claim against an insurance policy, and to protect myself and my business. I love what I do, tremendously. I work hard to present myself and my business in a professional manner, and I would never want anything to affect that. By giving each client the exact same treatment, I am avoiding a potential disaster. I know it requires more work on the end of my clients, especially when so many of you are busy which is why if you elect not to have a contract or go through any of these details, you are welcome to do so but I will still need a signed waiver stating that you are handing creative decision over to me, as your photographer.

I’m still just itching to share my BIG news with all of you, but alas I am going to have to keep the duct tape over my mouth for just a while longer! I promise, as soon as I can share I will absolutely be letting you all in on the great news. I hope a lot of this answered questions, if you find you have any questions that need answering, please put them in the comment box below. I’d be glad to help out.

To my 2011 clients, and my future 2012 clients: THANK YOU so much! Thank you for making 2011 a great year, and here’s to making 2012 even better! Happy New Year!