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New Website!!

I am so excited about this I can barely contain it. I’ve had the song by the Pointer Sisters, “I’m So Excited,” in my head ever since I headed on this little adventure.

I can tell you that the learning curve is terrifying. It took me quite a while to get all of this figured out, and I already had a pretty decent understanding of HTML code.

Yeah. Well. You learn new things everyday!

So my approach to this new site was very focused. I knew exactly what I was looking for. I wanted clean, easy to navigate, and different. I think that’s what I got. This site is so

different than what other local photographers are using. It’s light, airy, clean, different, everything I was looking for.

Obviously it is still in it’s beginning stages. I have a lot of tweaking, and changes I need to make but I am well on my way. We also decided that we’ll be getting

a landline telephone. We want to make the business so much more approachable than it already is. Adding a telephone line will open us up for more opportunities, I don’t

think people really like calling cell phones. In addition to that, I never know how to answer my cell phone. I look at the screen and think, “personal or professional?”

I don’t know.

Now I will!

I can’t wait, I think I will have someone call me on it once it is up & ready to go, just so I can answer it and say “Violet Photography & Design, Bobbie Sue speaking.”