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Official Black Friday Deal Announcement | Violet Photography & Design

So it’s here! The official Black Friday sale announcement! Without further adieu, here are your Holiday steals!

Deal #1

1 hour photo session for up to 6, with 2 fully edited images and 10 unedited images on DVD with limited copyright release (printable up to 8×10)

10×20 Float Mounted Metal Art print

2-3″ round photo buttons | 2-4″ round photo buttons -OR- set of 4 coasters with holder & Favorite image

4 double sided metal print ornaments

-OR- You can  choose a $200 print credit rather than all of the above.


Deal #2

Purchase a $50 gift certificate, get one FREE.

Only 50 will be available, cannot be used in combination with other special offers, (for example, it cannot be used in combination with Deal #1) also cannot be used in conjuncture with previous session fees or product purchases, even if the gift certificate is given as a gift.

These NEVER expire.

20 will be available  from 12a.m.-6a.m. You must post on the FACEBOOK  wall to be eligible.

10 will be available from 9a.m.-11a.m.

10 will be available from 11:02a.m.-1p.m.

5 will be available from 1:02p.m.-3:00p.m.

5 will be available from 3:02p.m.-5:00p.m.

***Please understand that I am only one person so if I am a little late announcing the release of the next batch, bear with me!
***All Gift Certificates and packages must be paid for by midnight on the 26th. You can make arrangement to pay in person prior to 7 pm, pay via Paypal, or Credit Card. Contact me to make payment.


Last but most definitely not least! This is the holiday season, the season of giving and selflessness. So, between 6-8p.m. I will make a special Facebook status update and everyone who “likes” or comments on that status update will be entered into a drawing for a FREE one hour session, along with a DVD of 10 fully edited images with limited copyright release, printable up to 8×10. The hitch to this however, is that the gift certificate must be given to someone else. We all know someone who really wants family portraits taken, and this gives them the opportunity without having to foot the bill. Don’t keep it in your family, give it to someone else. Maybe you know a family at work, or church, or your child knows someone at school. Be creative!

I hope you like the deals I came up with! I spent a long time planning them, and coming up with what I thought the perfect deals would be. I want to thank all of you for choosing Violet Photography & Design. I look forward to providing your family portraits this holiday season, and for many seasons to come. Bless you all, and Happy Holidays!