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Rachel | Chippewa Falls, WI Senior Portrait Photographer

So tonight I had my very first actual Senior portrait shoot, and it was amazing! It could not have been any better, honestly! We met with Rachel in Chippewa Falls at Irvine Park and from there it got crazy. It is such an insanely small world, a fact that really never ceases to amaze me. As we are talking and getting to know one another, I mention to Rachel that I am surprised her parents allowed her to come to the shoot alone. She says, well my dad knows you. Ok, this is news to me! Apparently, he was one of my high school teachers! Small world! I remember way back when, we would sneak popsicles and stuff back into his classroom after break (we had 90 minute block scheduling) and he would say, “You know that’s not allowed in here, right?” We would just do like teenagers do best and ignore him, he was so tolerant he just kind of let us go. Thinking back on those times has made me so nostalgic! I took two of his classes and my favorite by far was Landscaping. We had to do a project where we designed a blue print and floor plan of our dream home and I made this beautiful home with huge landscaped gardens. I put so much work into it, that he asked me if he could keep it and I let him. So many memories!

Anyway…the highlight of our evening was definitely getting Rachel into her dress. Here we are on the side of the road, trying to put it on over her clothes and then pull them out from under the dress. There was grabbing of the wrong skirt, and laughter, and complete mayhem. We definitely burned a few calories through laughter tonight. But that dress! Ahhhhmazing, really and truly. I am so jealous of girls prom dresses now. The detailing that goes into them is just spectacular. I had a gorgeous prom dress, but nothing like this! A big poofy, jewel encrusted fuschia gown with a sweetheart neckline that looks like a princess would wear it for a coming of age party.

Most beautiful of all was Rachel’s personality. She is so down-to-earth and just such a wonderful person in general. She sparkles with life, and wit, and the most wonderful belly laugh. She showed up with barely a stitch of makeup on and her hair in a really relaxed style, not needing to go overboard because she is a force all her own. I always write a quick Facebook status update after my shoots, just saying how it went, etc. and I go online to a beautifully written thank you from Rachel. I think that just about tops how awesome she is! Enjoy your previews!

  • Rachel :) - Awhh! Thank you Bobbie Sue! 🙂
    I don’t think I’ve gotten this many sincere compliments in awhile! I had just as much fun as you did, if not more! The pictures are phenomenal! I can’t wait to get the pictures of the dress back in the trees!ReplyCancel