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Rustic Free People Inspired Photo Shoot | Altoona, WI Photographer

Last week, we took Olivia out to one of our favorite places to walk our dogs in Altoona. Kane & Atlas LOVE this place. It has just enough room to run around and stretch their legs, and be the silly little dogs that they are. We’d never really considered this place as a photo location before, but am I glad we decided to utilize it. It worked so incredibly well for what we were looking for. I am a huge Anthropologie, Free People, & Urban Outfitters lover. I love the detail and the quality that go into their pieces, but more than anything I love their catalogs that they send out. They are gorgeous quality, and the photographs are phenomenal pieces of art. The models all have that extra added something that makes them special and unique, not your typical print, or runway model. As soon as we got a look at Olivia, we knew she has it too. It’s not just that either, it’s in her mannerisms and her personality. She’s got so many personality traits that remind me of Zooey Deschanel, or even better: Audrey Hepburn. She has a very classic look, but with a twist because she dresses nothing like Audrey. She dresses naturally just like she walked off of a shoot with Anthro, UO, or FP. Not many people can pull that style off, but I have a feeling you could put O in a paper bag and she’s still going to be one of those people who looks fantastic. I could share, literally every single photo from this shoot with you guys, with confidence. Every shot was great. That doesn’t happen very often. Those of you who follow on Facebook, got a sneak peek to the beautiful images from this shoot, but the blog post includes photos that weren’t shared there. I hope you enjoy. Leave some love, will you? I love knowing what you’re thinking!

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I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed creating them!  🙂