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Snowy Winter Forest Family Photo Session | Eau Claire, WI Family Portrait Photographer






Family Session in the Woods at Winter


Have you ever wondered what a Petite session looks like, I thought I would give you a little peak today. This week, I took the Sande family out to the middle of a wooded area for their family session. Our plans were to get a couple quick family shots and then some photos of M for The Boudoir (click the colored link to take you there). Not only did we need all of this in just 30 minutes, but we also had to count a couple outfit changes in there. I can’t show you Mal’s photos for her boudoir-style shoot, but you can head over to The Boudoir and take a look at it for yourself. I am aiming to keep Violet Photography & Design a purely family oriented business to maintain a reputation I work hard to protect. If you have questions about what boudoir is, we have many of these questions answered in our Blog and in our FAQ’s link on The Boudoir, Eau Claire’s web page.


How to Pose a Family of 3


For our session on Tuesday, it was pretty chilly, I am not going to lie. But all three of my beautiful subjects handled it like pros. My best suggestions for a winter session are to bundle accordingly. Many people think they need to forget the jacket for portraits but you simply do not! Wear a cute, clean jacket, with your favorite mittens, hat & scarf. If you insist that you don’t want to wear a coat, be sure to layer with a long sleeve top over a nice chunky, warm knit. Wool, fleece, angora, alpaca, or cashmere are some of the warmest knits you can find and the most luxurious, which will pick up well on camera. Choose colors for your family that flow well together. For the Sande Family, I loved that all their jackets and fur trimmed collars, so cute! Of course, you can’t find very many men comfortable enough with themselves to wear fur, like Jamie is…but the adage with pink holds true here as well, “Real Men Wear (Faux) Fur!”



We had so much fun with this session, despite the cold! During the colder winter months, my business has a tendency to slow down and without a studio that is to be expected. While a studio is something in the near future, I have to be creative with my winter photo ideas, in the meantime. If you’re a creative person who loves the snow, why not capture it!? Thirty minutes is not a long time to get some images you can really love. I photographed Tonya and her 2 cherubs in about 15 minutes, coming away with photos that were beautiful and unique.


Winter Photographs with small children


It’s truly all about finding a photographer who is determined to make the best out of any situation. And I truly am prepared for anything. With 2 camera bodies in the event one has an issue, extra camera batteries, a multitude of lenses, filters, lights to create my own sunshine, and several memory cards, you’re guaranteed a session will never be cut short because I ran out of card space, a camera or lens malfunctioned, or the light isn’t cooperating. I am prepared and determined to make any environment work for me so you have images you will love to share with family & friends.


Creative Family Photographer, Eau Claire, WI


I would like to count myself as one of the Chippewa Valley and Eau Claire area’s most creative photographers. Always trying new things, always learning knew things, and always keeping YOU first. If you would like to see what your own mini session would look like, I am offering limited Petite session until April 1st. After that date, my pricing will go back to it’s normal structure. If you have questions on what my latest Winter Petite sessions are, please CONTACT ME, or head to my Facebook page. I’d love to work with you to come up with some creative images you and your family will love in just 30 minutes!!