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Street-Wear Hipster Style Photo Session, Eau Claire, WI Photographer

Kitschy Photo shoot featuring streetwear and urban style

This session with Olivia was probably one of my hands down, all time favorite sessions. I have been chasing this session ever since I did it, trying to find girls with this particular style to photograph. The free and easy, 70’s style. Typically I would imagine this type of girl shops at the local Goodwill, Savers, or Salvation Army and combines clothing that many people wouldn’t ever think to put together. She shops Etsy, and vintage closets, scouring antiques stores and estate sales for the perfect, unique pieces that will showcase her hipster street style. Olivia has the whole package with her willowy frame that works in just about anything you put her in. When she arrived for her session, we put together some clothing options she had never thought of before that worked perfectly for this shoot. Everything went so well, that when the sun started dipping in the sky, I regretted that we hadn’t planned the session sooner and yet when I got home, I had so many photos to choose from that a longer session would have left me holding my hands in the air wondering how the heck I was going to choose which photos to share with you. As it was, I blogged a few of the photos last fall and after looking through her gallery for inspiration for a shoot coming up, I knew I had to share more of the shots from her session with you, they are just that good that I can’t bear to know they are sitting on my hard drive, never to be seen by anyone but me. This happens a lot, with a lot of sessions. I know it happens with us all, we have photos that should be seen, they should grace our walls and be in photo albums and yet, for some reason we just don’t get around to it. So tonight, even though I am swamped, I threw this blog post together in 30 minutes. Just a few quick edits, the majority of these are straight out of camera with only contrast & white balance adjustments. I hope you enjoy! <3

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