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Sweet Charlie’s 3 year Milestones In the Wild Country


I’ve had the immense pleasure of photographing Charlie since before she was born. Through a slightly, and when I say slightly, I really mean pretty strongly stalkerish way, Charlie’s mom and I became acquainted. From there, I photographed Sam during her pregnancy, and during Charlie’s first couple weeks of life, again in the winter of 2013 and in the Summer. The latter 2 times didn’t go exactly as planned. It was a freezing March so we ventured for ice cream on our trip and that morning Sam had polished Charlie’s nails and even though they were bone dry, Charlie was convinced that having her photo taken would mean her nails would smudge. Ah, 3 year olds. I’m quite sure I have some stubborn 3 year old stories that might just rival Miss Charlie’s. On our second trip out, the one I am sharing today, Charlie was a little more “into” the session but only if I kept a respectable distance and if we chased butterflies. So, chase butterflies we did. Through our chasing of butterflies, I re-learned something I already knew.

Leave kids alone. Parents leave them alone. Photographer. Leave them alone. Just let them be themselves. Let them wander and wonder and simply be themselves. This is when the true authentic self of a child is allowed to present itself. Throughout the process of owning my photography business, I have had to re-learn the process of loosening the grip on the reigns. Stepping back and realizing that every situation cannot and should not be controlled. That madness IS perfection. That being free spirited is lovely. It’s all in the perception. A photo is made through many ways, but art is made through a different perception.

When I initially started out, my joy was in celebrating moments and being very free with how I documented my journey with my clients. Part of the push to blog all of my sessions from 2013 that did not get blogged, is to bring me back to my center. To remind me why I am creating and who I am creating for. We’re fooling ourselves if we believe we don’t need to do that from time to time. Because we do get lost. I do not ever want to lose the vision that began this business. I certainly don’t ever want to lose that free-spirited, fun loving girl to someone who is only focused on success and bringing my business to the next level.

So hear it is, the epitome of what I was when I started being refreshed through the eyes and the genius of a three year old. So thank you, Charlie…for the reminder. May you always stay the little girl you are now, in your heart. If you forget along the way, I hope your mommy reminds you that it is okay to come back to your center and to remember who you are, and where you came from.