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The Tait Family Sneak Peek! | Altoona, WI Family Photographer

Last night was my shoot with the Tait Family, we went to Phoenix Park; a very popular photo location request. It’s always so beautiful there, and as I have mentioned before: it is pretty easy to make it look like a different place every time you shoot there. The first thing I noticed about the Tait Family, was that they could have been a catalog picture for my What to Wear series, they had the perfect matching outfits on, and the girls had just enough flair & frills to give the shoot the feminine touch that I love. Little Justice’s dress was too cute! I could have spent an entire shoot just photographing that dress. Carson & Evrett (don’t you just love the unique spelling of E’s name?) were both more casual reflections of daddy. Who, may I mention, was wearing a pink shirt! I love pink shirts on men, I don’t think it will ever grow old. It says a lot about a man’s comfort with himself AS a man, if he can rock a pink shirt. Mom looked awesome in her skinny jeans, and her Naughty Monkey shoes. Let me just say, I love how moms don’t look like “moms” anymore. They care about their appearance, they spend time on it. They wear trendy clothes, and get trendy haircuts. I think I notice it because of the industry I am in, but I still love it!

Anyway, the kids in this shoot were awesome little balls of fire and giggles and I really enjoyed them. They were really well behaved, especially considering they are all under the age of 7! We came away with some great photos, I hope you enjoy them.