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What to Wear for Your Family Photo Shoot, Eau Claire Altoona Family Child Photographer

What To Wear


If you ever wonder what to wear for a photo shoot, as many people do, I have constructed a few storyboards for you using Polyvore to give you an idea of how to collaborate your outfits for the day of the shoot. A couple of things to keep in mind: only have a couple of prints in your arsenal and make sure those prints compliment one another.  Not every one in the shoot should have a print, since you want your faces to stand out and not the clothes.
However, I do not fall into the old school/traditional category of photographers. I want your personality to show and not only does that come through in your expressions and body language, but also comes into play with the type of clothing you choose. Many photographers will tell you to wear plain, unobtrusive clothing. I say, break that rule. Wear something that is “you.”
Once you’ve chosen the print, and of course it is usually going to be the females in the family wearing the printed fabrics, choose some texture to go along with it. The camera loves textures! So does your photographer.  Ruffles and other embellishments are pluses. Everyone else should then wear solids in complimenting colors. If jeans are coming into play for your shoot, try to wear a darker wash and collaborate the looks & washes of other individuals in the shoot to compliment accordingly. Why dark washes? First of all, they usually look more dressy and professional, not to mention they are slimming.
Also remember that whatever you wear, make sure it compliments your body type.  Don’t wear a big, poofy skirt if you are tiny and petite, it will just dominate your frame and swallow you up.
If you need help choosing clothes for your shoot, never hesitate to contact me. I am always willing to help! When in doubt, bring more rather than less. You’ll be glad you did!

Paisley dress
$148 –



t-shirt men H&M orange $5,95
€3,95 –


Girls’ stripe ruffle dress
$64 –



Gap Piqué Graphic Polo
$17 –