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What to Wear for Your Family Photo Shoot | Eau Claire, WI Family Photographer

One of my favorite things to do when I have a moment to myself, is head to Polyvore and create some beautiful outfit inspiration boards. I find such pleasure in doing these types of things, and on occasion I will get requests from clients for inspiration on what to wear. For that reason, Polyvore comes in handy and it is such a unique tool to use. I’ve done numerous What to Wear’s for photo shoots and you guys have always really loved them so today I thought I would share one that I made a while back and haven’t shared yet. This one wasn’t made with anyone specific in mind, but maybe it will help you. I love the combination of yellow and blue and with the slight pop of pink it adds some interest. Personally, I love when families plan outfits that play off one another while staying within the same color scheme. I also really love vintage look to clothing, and unique flair. All of these things add interest and personality to a photograph. If you’re planning a session with me, I am always willing to help you coordinate your families outfits and do an inspiration board for you. If you have an idea of the colors you would like to combine, I can also put together a board using the colors you have in mind. If you need fashion advice, I’m your lady! I hope you enjoy the latest board, if you would like to see more like this, leave me a comment below or on Facebook! Maybe I can make it a weekly thing.


Spring Family {Yellow & Blue}