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Why You Should Choose a Local Photographer Over A Chain

This is an age old question…and sometimes a tough one to answer given the fact that each person has a general belief in what is important to spend their hard earned money on, and what is not. Especially, being in an economy that is struggling to say the very least.

However, as they saying goes…”Life goes on.” No matter the hardships we face, life is constantly going. Streaming in and out and as it continues, your children will grow bigger, older. You will grow older, maybe your memory will even fade. What many people miss during the hustle & bustle of daily life, is the fact that your children will want to look back on these days when they are older. They will want to pull out the photo books, peruse them and remember the laughter and fun while you were getting your family photos taken. Photos provide an emotional journey for child and parent alike.

In a digital age, when it is so easy to share your family photos on social networking sites, it often gets overlooked that many people don’t have actual PRINTS of their most important images. Sure, it’s great to be able to see all of your photos on the computer, but there is nothing like holding an album in your hands and remembering that photo. Touching the photo, and that slight caress across the gloss of the protective covering almost conveying the thoughts & feelings you had that day. Photos are an emotional journey that can only be conveyed in their entirety when you have a tangible piece of paper in your hands, with the image branded onto it.

This is why having a Local photographer do your Custom Photography work is so important! When a cookie cutter chain poses and props your child and demands a smile from them, you’re not capturing your child’s true essence. Sure, they hit one out of the ballpark occasionally, but I hear more complaints about cookie cutter chains than I hear good. All you have to do is Google “(insert cookie cutter name here) Complaints” and you will come up with all sorts of things. Like, hidden fees. Sure, you get in the door for a low, low price. But then, ask them for your digital files, ask for custom editing. For every add on you ask for, the pricing goes up.

Typically, a local photographer is going to have many options for you & your family to choose from when it comes to locations. When a person is in a natural environment, you will find they are much more relaxed, much more themselves. It’s easier to find common ground, and to create laughter. Children particularly, are such active creatures and incredibly curious. For a photographer, that curiosity can be captured much more easily in a natural environment. A second option is your OWN environment. If you have a beautiful backyard or a house that has been lovingly cared for, everyone is going to be much more relaxed in their own environment. You are literally “at home” in your environment. Kids can show off their rooms, their colorful walls, belongings, and toys make for such beautiful and realistic backdrops. Their favorite toy will be in the background, and when they are older they will be delighted when they spy their special bear in the corner of their photo.

Custom photography shows your love for your life so much more than a cookie cutter image ever could, because custom photography is all about you. It’s all about your connections with the ones you love. This type of experience is never about getting you in and out, and who is next in line. It’s never about cramming as many photos into a small allotment of time as possible. It is about creating an image specifically for you, that when people view it they will say, “Wow Kate! That photo completely captured you!”

As a Custom Photographer, your experience with me will always be about you. I am constantly changing my arsenal to include ways to get natural expressions and poses out of people. Sometimes that takes a little direction, and sometimes it is letting the individual be themselves and stopping them when you see a particular “pose” they do naturally that really showcases who they are as a person. We’ve all seen the photo of a person who is naturally a smiler, and here they are stiff lipped & serious and it almost looks laughable. My mission is to create images that are natural to you, so that when your family members look at them they see you and not my version of you. Every single shoot I have, I brainstorm. I look at other photographers’ images and get inspiration from them. I never copy an image, but use it as inspiration to create my version. For example, Claire & Steve’s Engagement photos. I knew I wanted to incorporate a lollipop and didn’t know exactly how I wanted to do it, so I searched for inspiration. Flickr turned up with THIS and THIS . I came up with THIS, THIS, and THIS. Steve is going to school to be a dentist, & Claire loves sweets, so it was a fun & unique way to play up their personalities a bit. This is just one of the ways I brainstorm to make a shoot unique.

If you have any more questions on why to choose custom photography, you can read on HERE. I will also be doing a blog post on why custom photography costs more, so watch for that in the coming days. I hope I helped answer some questions, and change a few of your thoughts on this topic. If you have questions on my photography prices, please CONTACT ME.