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Budget Wedding Planning: The CAKE! | Eau Claire, WI Wedding Photographer

With my very first wedding of the season fast approaching, (this coming Saturday! ALREADY!!) I find it even more important to share more of my ideas on budgeting for your wedding. Every single bride I know, has a budget. Let’s face it, we don’t live in Hollywood. Although, we may pretend to or even dream we do…I know I have a very active imaginary life in my mind. But, the facts remain that the majority of us will have to cut something out of our weddings in order to meet our budget or we may have to do a little compromise or get creative. No where is the idea of creativity on the day of your wedding more appropriate than the cake.

I know a lot of people who don’t even like cake, yet they served it at their wedding. Why? Because they didn’t want to disappoint their guests. I know I HATE most frostings. Especially the store bought, thick, heavy sugar variety. In my family, we always do the non-dairy topping if we are getting a grocery store cake and I want to thank my mom for being a rebel! Thank you MOM!

So now it’s your turn to be a rebel! Don’t like cake? Can’t afford the 3 tiered, serves 250 sugary confection? Don’t serve it. Especially don’t serve it just to appease your guests. More cake is wasted at a wedding than any other consumption based item at a wedding. Who wants leftover cake in their refrigerator for the next 6 months? Not me, I know I will have a hard enough time having that 1 year anniversary topper in my freezer. Pretty sure one week after the wedding, that’s already been thawed and eaten. Yep. Yes. Mmmmhhhhmmm. Don’t look at me that way.

So…what do you do instead of cake? What do you love? I love rice krispy treats. Love them. Not sure if I could do this myself, but apparently plenty of other people already have. Yep, a rice krispy wedding cake. And you know what? It doesn’t look terrible.


3 tiered Rice Krispie Wedding Cake

Pretty cute, huh? And the berries and ribbon add a nice touch. Also, with so many options for flavoring you could really go crazy. I even saw cake batter flavored rice krispy treats the other day. Genius.

Ok, so this one isn’t for you. I totally understand. As mentioned, I am an addict when it comes to rice krispy treats and I am not even entirely sure I could pull it off. But, if you want to save $400-$500, this is an easy way to do it. But, we’ve established this isn’t for you…so what next? What about pies? Yeah. Warm, delicious….you know, the one grandma makes that you absolutely love? My favorite from my grandma is lemon meringue. It’s not my favorite pie, but it’s my favorite that SHE makes. Her meringues stand like 3.5 feet tall and they are soooo delicious. Pies also look really adorable, and would be easy to have friends and family help you with. Designate a few family members to make their best pie. I have a few family members myself who all make a different pie, but each one is incredible. Then you have variety, and who doesn’t love options? Blueberry, pumpkin, apple, cherry, rhubarb…the list goes on and on. Plus, the look so adorable! Perfect for that rustic outdoor wedding.

Options other than wedding cake

(Source: Lolalina)

See how cute? Yeah…I love it.

What if you and hubs aren’t exactly sweet lovers, or you’re really into keeping in shape, exercising, all of that. Not only do you not want the cake but you want to be creative? Do a fruit tower! Some dipped in chocolate, some plain. Some white, some dark? This has the potential to be so adorable if you have a creative eye. Again, mid summer strawberries are in bloom this could be such a memory making event for your wedding. Planning a wedding should be all about creating beautiful memories as a couple, but also with your attendants, your family, and his family. Plan a strawberry picking day and go pick your own. Fill your buckets with the prettiest strawberries you can find, and dip and decorate til dawn. I’m totally in love with this idea!

Healthy Wedding Cake option

(Source: Lavish Event Design)

The great thing about this idea, is you can really make your color scheme work for you with different colored chocolate or designs. Be creative!

Do like the French do, serve a croquembouche. Traditional wedding fare, these filled pastries are sure to please the crowd. Not to mention be a visual delight. The options of filling are endless, and decorating it could also be a never ending list of options from drizzled chocolate, to spun sugar. The picture I found for this actually comes from food blogger’s site and comes with the recipe so if you wanted to take a stab at it and see what results you got, you could! I may even put this on Sin & Soul (my own food blog.)

Alternative French Wedding Cake

(Source: Tasty Treats Blog)

I have a friend who loves Paris, I could absolutely see her having a Parisian style wedding and this cake being the star of the show. Besides her, of course.

But, what if you just have to have that wedding cake? It’s a must have. No if’s, and’s or but’s. You love cake, you’ve been dreaming of a wedding cake. It just would not be a wedding without a cake. Okay. To that I say, commission your favorite cake bakery to construct a small version of your dream cake. Two or three small tiers that look just the way you want them, and are enough to serve your husband, and yours & his immediate families and your wedding party. Then, choose sheet cakes with your wedding flavors and just a plain frosting. Cut them behind closed doors where no one else will see and have a couple of your older nieces/nephews, cousins serve for you. Easy as pie. I mean, cake. Easy as cake.

Anemone wedding cake

(Source: London Fashion)

Unless you tell your guests, no one will ever know the difference. Promise.

More than anything though, I think it’s important to remember that this day is about you and your husband. This is the first day of your lives together, and it’s about celebrating your union as a couple. Yes, you want to honor your guests and loved ones, but that’s what toasts and speeches are for. That’s what favors are for. The people who truly love you most, are not going to care what you are wearing on that day, what they eat, how pretty your cake was, etc. They will be at your wedding, celebrating with you because they love you. The lavish affair will not mean as much to them as you think it will. Sure, they want to have a good time. But so do you. Spending more than your budget on your wedding day will probably end up making you feel badly, or resent the fancy wedding cake, or whatever arena you went over budget on. If you stay within budget, the stresses of your day will be less because you can truly enjoy it instead of worrying about that credit card bill at the beginning of your first month as husband and wife.

If you’re creative, you can come up with anything. With a supportive family who is interested in helping, you can curb a lot of the costs and still have an absolutely gorgeous day. I’ve seen weddings that were $5000 look like they were 10 or even $20,000 weddings. It’s all in how resourceful and creative you are. Again, I am a never ending source of information and creativity, if you need help on your big day please let me know! I would love to help you brainstorm.

That’s  it for today’s Budget Wedding post. I hope you like it ! I’m not sure what I have in store for next week, but if you have a suggestion please post it in the comments box below. Thanks for checking out the blog, pass it on to your friends!